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The Fourth Floor Complementary Therapy Practice, conveniently situated in Harley Street, London W1, offers a holistic and non-drug approach to the treatment of ill health, using a range of therapies.

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This may include the use of Homeopathy to trigger the body's self healing; or learning Autogenic Training to reconnect mind and body to inner peace through profound relaxation and releasing accumulated stress; or using Psychotherapy as a safe place to helpfully explore personal issues affecting your relationships and quality of life. I also offer Reconnective Healing sessions - making the vital link to re-start and set your natural healing processes in motion.

Holistic medicine addresses imbalance and disease by stimulating the healing potential available within us, rather than simply overriding the body's symptoms through the use of powerful drugs.

This approach involves a deeper and broader concept of health care to include all dimensions of an individual: physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.

My Approach

Recognising the need for continuing balance in all aspects of ourselves,
and in order to meet life's challenges creatively and well,
I offer a range of therapeutic approaches:-

Appointments and Enquiries : tel 020 7580 4188

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