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Would you like to open your practice in Harley Street by renting a room with us?

The Fourth Floor Practice hosts a group of holistic practitioners who use non-drug approaches to health and well being. Currently our range of therapies offered includes Homeopathy for general medical problems; Acupuncture & Physiotherapy for arthritis problems; Autogenic Training Courses for deep relaxation and self healing; Osteopathy for functional problems of soft tissue and joint injury and recovery;
Lacanian Analytic Psychotherapy; Integrative Psychotherapy; Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy; Couple Counselling etc

We currently have spare capacity to share our premises with like-minded practitioners seeking to establish a practice in the prestigious medical environs of Harley Street.

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The most enduring testament to mankind’s presence throughout history remains in stone. Seeing at first hand the monumental works of ancient civilisations in Egypt, Peru, Thailand and India always fascinated me, as did sailing down the Colorado River through eleven layers of rock in the mile-deep Grand Canyon. Touching stone 2 billion years old – half of earth’s supposed life-time in existence – put things in a different perspective.

After 30 years in professional life, I was reintroduced to stone carving in 2004 at Tout Quarry, a disused mine on Portland, Dorset. There, carving for hours outdoors in the rain, I was absorbed into a timeless world where the mind undid itself into a clear calm light. Simply watching the hands move with the slow and steady rhythm of hammer and chisel across the stone brought such joyful peace and contentment that I have continued carving ever since.

A chance encounter led me to the Department of Historic Stone Carving at City and Guilds of London Art School. The two years I spent there, in the noise and dust of the stone yard, wandering in an identity crisis between my professional work and being a student again, were among the most creatively absorbing and enjoyable in years. I would certainly recommend this course.

I continue to take small commissions - especially in letter cutting.



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